My name is Raúl González and for some years I’ve been working as an illustrator, conceptual artist and visual developer. 

Drawing my favorites characters on school desks during the class as a kid, I discovered that time flies when you’re doing something that you love and how much I like to do draw and paint!. After some years studying and working on the IT environment, I decided to change my path and turn my passion into my profession. This is the best choice I’ve ever made in my life!

I began my professional art training in ESDIP (Escuela Superior de Dibujo Profesional) in Madrid and since then I never have stop learning. I really enjoy the process of improving my skills to become a better artist. I think it’s endless process and it’s awesome discover new techniques, new softwares, new artists and artistical tendencies to learn from everyday. In my career as artist I’ve been working for clients related with animation, design, video games, apps, tabletop games, editorial, children’s books, advertising, even in NFTs creation!.
I enjoy collaborating with other colleagues and being part of the crew who make a project to be carried out. I’m available for freelance opportunities when I can take part of my time.

If you like my work and feel the need to see more, you can check my social networks! I’m sharing my blog too, where you can find a lot of content related with my creative process, the entertainment world, my favorite artists, didactic material and links that I consider interesting and useful.

Skills: Illustrator | Concept artist | Digital Art Instructor
Software: Photoshop | Illustrator | Procreate | Zbrush | Blender | Nomad Sculpt
Hardware: Mac | Pc | Intuos |  Cintiq | Ipad Pro | Pencil & Paper

Thank you for your visit and have a nice day!